How to get Dmail NFT domain accounts?
These are the following ways to get Dmail NFT domain account:
  1. 1.
    Participate in Dmail online events to get NFT domain account.
  2. 2.
    Purchase NFT domain account from the Events channel on Dmail official website.
  3. 3.
    Purchase NFT domain account on Dmail NFT market( Coming soon).
This article uses Presale as an example.
1. For Presale, go to
2. Input your 4–7 digits domain account, search and check the availability. If your account is unavailable, please try other alternatives.
When your domain account is available, start the progress of payment.
3. Click Lock&Buy,connect to your wallet, including MetaMask(ETH/BSC) and Plug(ICP). Make sure there are assets(USDT/ICP) in your wallet and GAS(ETH/BNB/ICP) to complete your payment.
4. Important: Please complete the payment within 10 mins, otherwise the order will be cancelled. The system will automatically determine the Token(USDT/ICP) to be paid according to the network you choose.
5. Click Confirm. Authorize the connected wallet to complete the payment. When the payment is completed, a “reminder payment successful” will pop up; if the payment fails, please check the asset balance and then proceed the payment again. The payment needs to be completed within 10 minutes.
6. When payment is done, go to“My Orders”to check your order status, history and the transaction.
By step six(6), the process of Dmail NFT domain account purchase is ended. From step seven(7) you will learn how to Claim&Use NFT!
7. Go to“My Orders”to check the multi-status of NFT. Click “Receive NFT” to claim your own Dmail NFT domain account.
8. Enter the 53-digits Principal ID of your Plug wallet. Click“How to get”to see the guidance to get the PID. Make sure input the correct and usable PID, otherwise your assets will be lost for good.
9. Your NFT will be sent to Plug wallet within 48 hours, please check accordingly.
10. Log in your Plug wallet to check the NFT and click NFT for more details.
11. After receiving NFT, you can use it when the testnet or mainnet goes live,
Thanks for your support for Dmail.
If you have any questions, please contact us via our Discord:
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